Mission Accomplished – Thank You Letter From Duncan

wheelchairI am happy to report to you that we have now received all the items that you helped raise funds to buy. The last bit, the wheelchairs, was not easy because of the many hurdles the transporter lay on our way and it made me take such a long time that caused a lot of inconveniences to all. We’ve had to postpone the dispatch for quite a long time due to problems caused by other people who wanted to serve their own unjustified interests. All that aside, I am grateful on behalf of my community.

  1. 82 solar lanterns
  2. Tailoring project has begun producing uniforms
  3. (7) wheelchairs on site to help those in need
  4. (7) 5000 ltr water tanks on site for clean drinking water

I have spent this night in Migori trying to send you some pictures but connection is very poor, I pray all will be well. Meanwhile, bravely pass my sincere gratitude to all who helped mobilize for funds, donated and sacrificed their time.

Above all you, we thank you and your family for the self denial and being selfless, you are a blessing. Despite Saline being your main focus to date, you have done this and may our Lord give you life and strength to help others. Thank you so much.  I hope to give you a comprehensive report on what we have so far done soon.


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  1. Leon Klempner
    Leon Klempner says:

    Duncan, on behalf of the entire SRFK community I would like to thank you. None of this could have happened without you. Although it is true, we provided the funds, it was your vision, hard work and dedication that actually made it a reality. We all feel blessed to have met you and I’m very proud to call you my friend.

    “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” -Nelson Mandela


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