Smile Rescue’s LEAP Program: an update..

One of the more difficult issues facing our friends in Kenya is the lack of nourishment for children in school- that’s where the Smile Rescue LEAP program comes in. Our ‘Lunch for Educational Achievement Program’, is an initiative to offer hot school lunches to 100 children in Africa. Through this program orphans and other vulnerable learners are given regular access to hot lunch during school, making the pursuit of an education realistic and investing in their futures.

An update on the LEAP Program and the National Examinations results: The entire SRFK team is happy to share that the top three pupils in the 2020 class are all beneficiaries of the LEAP Program. LEAP (Lunch for Educational Achievement Program) has had a very positive effect this year due to the tremendous support we have had by our donors. Let’s continue to support and nourish these vulnerable learners so they can continue to receive the education that they truly deserve.

Since a small donation goes a long way in their country, the SRFK have calculated that we can feed a child for a month for $10 and are looking for corporate donors to sponsor a child. This equates to $120 per year; currently we have a goal of covering 100 children. Please consider pledging a recurring $10 per month to sponsor a child. 

Click HERE to donate.

**Don’t forget to select “make this a monthly donation”.

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