How is Saline? – Observations From Duncan

How is Saline doing?  This is a common question asked by many of us. Not just from a medical perspective, but psychologically as well.  I asked Duncan to provide his observations.  I’m happy to report the following:

“It is a great delight that Saline’s confidence and self-esteem is already evident through her more smiles, more giggles and uncontrolled desire to admire herself in the mirror due to the surgeries so far accomplished – closing her once wide deformed palate and face. She tells me to take her pictures and send to her mother, it is irresistible. What a looming great happiness, more and wider smiles once done! Thanking her friends and generous contributors all the way.”   – Duncan

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  1. Jasper Ojongtambia
    Jasper Ojongtambia says:

    Dear Klempner and Colleagues,

    This is to express my appreciation and thanks to all of you for the wonderful
    life saving surgery your performed on Saline. You have given her a new perspective in life that will last as long as she lives on earth.

    You have demonstrated that services to humanity is blind to race and skin tone.
    Thank you very much for giving a little girl from thousands of miles away more than just a smile but an inspiration to move on,courage, strength and hope for a better tomorrow.


    Jasper Ojongtambia
    SB University, LI, NY


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