Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s Mark Remigio, CLU,CFP Donates $1000 to SRFK

We would like to thank Mark Remigio from Morgan Stanley Smith Barney for becoming our first Corporate Sponsor.  Mark presented Dr. Klempner with a check for $1000 which will be utilized for the next child in need of life changing surgery.

With Saline back home studying hard at her boarding school,  SRFK is hard at work looking for their next recipient.  Smile Rescue Fund for Kids depends on the kindness of our friends, family and community.   Join us in helping one child at a time.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” –Nelson Mandela

For those of you who have followed the journey of Saline, you know that while she is here in America, receiving life changing surgeries, she has also sparked in everyone an urgency to bring Light, Educational Support, and Clean Water to her village.

There has been great progress in all of these areas.   Today we have received pictures from Duncan.  There are children who were are not able to physically move around due to physical and mental handicaps.  The Educational committee under the charge of Diane Knobloch (a Math Teacher in Long Island’s Brentwood School District,) has been able to raise funds via several initiatives.  The money will be used to purchase wheel chairs, the wheel chairs will allow these children to integrate into their school and receive an education.

In addition, the committee funded the purchasing of material so that school uniforms (a requirement to attend school) can be made at the school.  This allows children to learn to sew, a marketable trade.   It allows uniforms to be priced more reasonably, this will sustain the purchasing of more fabric to keep the program going.