Smile Rescue Fund Press Release

Long Island Orthodontist Launches Charity to Fund Surgeries for Children with Facial Deformities The Smile Rescue Fund for Kids Helps Children Too Severe for Treatment by Established Charitable Organizations

The Smile Rescue Fund for Kids is currently raising money for the surgery of Saline, a young girl who lives in the Nyanza Province of Kenya.

Setauket, NY (May 25, 2011) – Long Island orthodontist Leon Klempner today announces the launch of The Smile Rescue Fund for Kids, an organization he founded to provide funding to children born with severe facial and craniofacial deformities. These children have such significant challenges that they cannot be helped by their families, governmental agencies and currently established charitable organizations. Facial deformities result in many challenging medical issues, including feeding problems, hearing loss, unintelligible speech and recurrent ear infections. But the social and psychological consequences that result are just as devastating. The stigma of looking and sounding different leads to a very difficult and lonely life. Often, peers, communities and even relatives shun lovable and loving children, ashamed of their appearance and speech and powerless to affect positive change. Some are hidden away in locked rooms, deprived of education, medical care and any socialization with the outside world.

Due to the high costs of treatment – around 15,000 USD – children with the most severe deformities do not fall into the realm of support that many non-profits and charities provide. Currently, the Smile Rescue Fund for Kids is fundraising to pay for the surgery of Saline, a young girl who lives in the Nyanza Province of Kenya. The Smile Rescue Fund for Kids will raise money in two ways: by enlisting fundraising committee members, who provide ideas and support for ways to raise funds, and by direct contribution through a secure PayPal link on the website. All donations go directly to the medical fund. The organization’s board of directors includes Klempner, along with Alexander Dagum, MD, Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Stony Brook University Medical Center, Melissa Young, Esq., Attorney at Addabbo & Greenberg, and Amy Epstein, Managing Director at ABI marketing public relations. # # # The Smile Rescue Fund for Kids was founded by Dr. Leon Klempner, a New York orthodontist who has a strong professional interest in helping children born with dentofacial deformities such as cleft lip and palate. To become a member of the fundraising committee or donate directly, visit, send an email to, or visit the organization’s Facebook page.