$8000.00 Raised by Medical and Dental Residents in NYC Turtle Bay Happy Hour Fundraiser

May 17th was a big day for Saline, a 12 year old girl living in the Kenya.  She will benefit from the money raised which will help fund her remaining surgeries.  The fundraiser was so successful that we will begin looking for another child to help.

Congratulations and credit goes to the event committee organized by Drs. Melanie Baum and Isaac Bar.

The follow are responsible for the successful fundraiser:

Melanie Baum

Isaac Bar

Micah Berman

Annie Brandenburg

Kevin Small

David Rothman

Elysa Kahan

Samantha Safier

Jodi Klempner

If anyone is interested in joining this great cause, please contact me directly:

Dr. Leon Klempner, Founder, The Smile Rescue Fund for Kids  – Join us on Facebook for follow ups and new upcoming events!