Dunia recovering from his first surgery

Thanks to the surgical skills of Dr.Dagum and Dr.Bui, Dunia has completed the first in a series of complex micro surgeries to restore his upper and lower lips.

I was able to stay with Dunia during the entire procedure as I watched and sometimes assisted in the operating room.  I was totally amazed by the skill and dedication of the entire Stony Brook Children’s hospital team.  They worked diligently and meticulously as a well coordinated unit.

His next surgery will be planned in the next few months and I’ll keep you informed with the details.  On behalf of Dunia, I want to thank all the volunteers that are scheduled to stay with Dunia during his hospital stay as well as everyone that is taken an interest in helping this unfortunate child.  Stony Brook Children’s Hospital– you are awesome.

Interested in getting involved in our not for profit charity and making a difference?  Contact Jennifer, our Executive Director -jennifer@smilerescuefund.org

Dr.Leon Klempner

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  1. Pete Surlea
    Pete Surlea says:

    Hi Leon,

    My family and I would like to come visit Dunia and bring him a get well gift this weekend. Is he accepting visitors? Or is that yet to be determined?

    Best regards,
    Pete Surlea

  2. Rebecca O'Brien
    Rebecca O'Brien says:

    Wonderful news!!!

    Get better soon Dunia. We look forward to seeing you back at school and around town.

    The O’Brien Family


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