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Educational Committee Progress From Kenya!

So happy to report some major progress from the education committee seen across the world in Kenya.  As you may remember the goal of the education committee is to assist with a program for the mentally and physically challenged students in their village schools. Making available materials for students to learn a trade, and also […]

Farewell Message from Duncan……

I would have loved to see the sweet beginning of Saline’s much anticipated smile which also marks the end of the journey we have traveled for the last four years on a very rough and painful road,i have to leave since it is unavoidable .  Out of nothing and without any ray of hope,we started […]

Farewell to Duncan at Emma S. Clark Library in Setauket

A reminder that our Farewell to Duncan gathering is tomorrow night October 25th at 7pm at the Setauket Library: http://www.emmaclark.org/  We will be bringing the three committees together to summarize the progress of each initiative (Water, lighting and Education). The goal is to solidify the three action plans and to discuss fund raising goals, opportunities and strategies. […]

Solar Lighting Committee Update

There was a meeting of the electricity committee on 9/26/13.  The goal is to purchase lighting for some of the children’s homes so that they can finish their schoolwork in the evening without using kerosene, which is both dangerous and expensive.  The solar battery life is about five years.  Several committee members had information about […]

Clean Water Committee Meeting Update

The following was submitted by Jennifer Crean: We had discussions about how many families have some sort of rooftop rain collection apparatus currently and whether this brings the family sufficient water during their dry months. Duncan states that the main rainy season is between March and May, and that the secondary rainy season is between […]

How is Saline? – Observations From Duncan

How is Saline doing?  This is a common question asked by many of us. Not just from a medical perspective, but psychologically as well.  I asked Duncan to provide his observations.  I’m happy to report the following: “It is a great delight that Saline’s confidence and self-esteem is already evident through her more smiles, more […]